23 Bloodline // Forensic Geologist Scott Wolter //LIVE 072816

On this edition we're joined by forensic geologist and host of History Channel's AMERICAN UNEARTHED Scott Wolter

More on Scott:

Forensic geologist Scott Wolter, best known as the host of History channel’s hit show America Unearthed which follows him on his quest to uncover the truth behind controversial historic artifacts and sites found throughout North America, and beyond. He also co-hosted History’s Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar about late 17th century pirate shipwrecks,Freemasons, and the Knights Templar.

Scott is also the author of several books including Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X and The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America. Together these books cover the story of his continuing research and resulting discoveries made over the last 15 years, beginning with his ongoing quest to uncover the mysteries of the controversial Kensington Rune Stone he examined in 2001. The Kensington stone is a medieval document carved in rock which Scott proposed is a land claim, carved in Minnesota in 1362, by a party of Templar Knights.

Connect with Scott
Twitter: @REALScottWolter

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