This show is about the places, inside and out of our own self that have mystified and inspired people for generations. Places, where unexplained activity has occurred consistently, almost like clock work.

Are these roadside attractions elaborate novelties, or are we experiencing something truly greater than our own expectations?

We talk with The Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole Podcast's co-host Tim Rothschild about what we are seeing. Could it be a glimpse inside ourselves?

Tim Rothschild is an explorer of consciousness, dedicating his life to healing work and finding innovative ways to expand the collective human experience. As a Reiki Healer, Numerologist, Tarot reader, and entertainer, Tim has ventured through the paranormal, conspiratorial, and mystical realms. He uses his experiences playing “psychedelic detective” in order to help cleanse the doors of perception, allowing the individual to be in relationship with reality just as it is - enabling them to feel ALIVE again! He is in his 3rd year of training as a Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healer at Society Of Souls, and is a practitioner of the MAGI process. He is also co-host of the Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole podcast, as well as various other programs.

We also feature a radio diary produced by James Kim. We join friends Carlos and Drew on a road trip back to Marfa from California when they spotted a mysterious light as they got close to their destination. What did they see, and what does this mean.

Originally aired on Marfa Public Radio on the awesome show "There's something out there"

Please note that this episode contains vulgarities and includes dark subject matter. 

As this is our second episode, we are still very much experimenting with what we want to hear, but we do know that we always LOVE to HEAR from YOU. Please reach out.jim@euphomet.com

Music on the show from Sleepy Eyes Of Death //  Kyle Gilmer of Vigil Wolves

Thanks to Katie Ball, Marfa Public Radio, Tom Micheal, James Kim, Lauren Essl, Tim Rothschild and all of you rad folks listening.