01. DEAD LANGUAGE // With Guest Brandon Hodge

Our fascination with attempting to communicate with the dead has a long history and it’s lousy with global ritualistic trends, unflinching believers, charlatans, spirit devices, and a ton of reported unexplained phenomena. Some believe they have made contact with the other side by using a spirit device, such as the Planchette or Ouija board and research shows that in most cases, contactees believe that they have found caring and supportive relatives, or friends who offer advice or express their care from the great beyond.

However, there are those rare reports of boards violently flying across the room, and even alleged scandalous murders related to using these devices. So we ask Occult authority, and séance historian BRANDON HODGE how dangerous attempting contact really is, discuss possible scientific explanations and hear some incredibly gripping stories about the history, and infamy of spirit communication devices and the people who use them.

We also a hear a story from a young woman in Chicago about what it was like hosting a d.i.y. seance in her living room and the experience she had of perhaps meeting someone new and familiar that night. Someone who already knew her. Someone she had never met. Freelance Producer Mickey Capper recorded the event while attending. Mickey had the following to say about the experience.

"Even though I've always liked the idea of trying to contact the dead through a community of friends, I hadn't been to a seance before. The darkness and the candles and the makeshift Ouija Board did work... at least as an icebreaker. I felt closer to everyone than I would have expected. I also learned that whether or not you believe you're contacting the spirit, there's nothing protecting you from finding things you'd rather not hear."

Please note that this episode (potentially) contains vulgarities and includes dark subject matter. 

As this is our first episode, we are still very much experimenting with what we want to hear, but we do know that we always LOVE to HEAR from YOU. Please reach out. jim@euphomet.com

Mickey Capper is a freelance radio reporter and the co-host of Tape, which is a podcast that interviews people who make radio. It's good, it's people you've heard of...listen to it. taperadio.org

His story first appeared on the amazing podcast (and one of Jim's personal favorites) Here Be Monsters. hbmpodcast.com

Brandon Hodge  is a collector, author, historian, and the prevailing authority on planchettes and early spirit communication devices. Long fascinated by the bizarre occult world of tipping tables, séances, Spiritualism, and ghostly encounters, Brandon acquired his first automatic writer—a boxed E.I.H. Scientific Planchette—while building a traveling spook show featuring his collection of haunted antiques. He has since amassed the world's finest collection of writing planchettes and other séance-related devices, all featured on his popular website, MysteriousPlanchette.com.

Brandon always has interesting projects going on. One of them being this cool film with Ronni Thomas in which you can see a trailer below. As well as being an organizer and presenter for the fist annual OuijaCon April 23-25, 2015 – Baltimore, Maryland. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MysteriousPlanchette

Instagram: MysteriousPlanchette

Twitter: @planchettesays

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