Receiving signals

We're all constantly receiving signals. It's a part of consciousness and of being. Picking up the transmitted, intentional and or subconscious wave lengths that shape our perception of reality. I think that the result of receiving these signals is not something that is finite, or constrained to a certain type, perhaps our reactions or the signals strength are...but I feel that the results of picking up on a signal, especially one that vibes with you defies time. It can shape our futures, color our pasts and influence us in ways that we may never fully be able to comprehend.

That's in part why I'm titling this blog and the proceeding news section of Euphomet's site "Signals." An always on, sometimes sporadic, always relevant and certainly a definitive dispatch from Euphomet to you. Hopefully our wavelengths match up.

Signals...can inspire. One of my heroes just passed and I'm still coming to grips with it. Leonard Nimoy...damn. A creative and notionally defining influence on my life has been his work. No, not as Spock, but as the host for what in my opinion is the greatest introductory investigative television series on the fringe and paranormal ever..."In Search Of". Now, I'm only old enough to have watched this 1970's era series as reruns on A&E in the early nineties, but that tv show, those signals I received from it have left an indelible mark on me.

The entire series can be found on youtube very easily and I highly suggest a watch. Although over the last fourty decades so much has changed, I noticed that most of our principle ponderings on the paranormal and strange are in fact the same today in 2015. Which leads me to wonder if we will ever really figure out anything at all...I guess we'll just keep tuning in...picking up that broadcast and figuring this out together. Thanks for joining Euphomet.

- JP