11. Phantoms // David Weiss

We dig into the theories of 9/11, and deep into the mind of one of the most provocative, and polarizing Investigative Researchers in the field of TRUTH, David Weiss.

We ask "how much of the news that we see is fake?" He responds..."all of it".

For more of Dave's work, visit: www.deepinsidetherabbithole.com

Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole: 

Contributed Bio --
NY area resident David Weiss is a investigative researcher, podcaster and reporter. He is a member of 'The Liberty Men’ YouTube show and is a host on the popular 'Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole" online podcast. He considers himself as "just a normal guy" who years ago became addicted to researching the truth and quickly realized the MSM was not the place to find any of it. His research has led to his discovery of many tangible falsehoods that have been cast over America and the world population from the lie known as 911 to the completely faked Boston bombing and Sandy Hook shooting.. 'Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole' now reaches many thousands of people weekly. Weiss is a truth seeker doing what he can to wake up the sleeping world - to teach them that no matter how small or insignificant they feel, they can make a huge difference just by knowing and sharing.

David was approached by many of his fans to look into the new growing popularity of "Flat Earth Theory". He initially wrote-off "Flat Earth" as a completely ridiculous notion and completely dismissed any and all theories and claims. After getting convinced by a colleague to dig deeper, Weiss is now completely shocked to report he can't find any evidence at all that supports Science or history's claim that the Earth we call home and live on is a round ball.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.-- " A quote from William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

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Please note that this episode contains vulgarities and includes dark subject matter.

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