09. Prove It // Ty West

We talk to paranormal researcher and host of Odd Reality Radio, Ty West about Area 52, Skinwalker Ranch, and how creepy Utah actually is.

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We also hear a story produced by James Kim, and Sally Beauvais.
Marfa residents Alice Quilin and TK Croft did not believe in UFOs. They went to the Border Zone UFO festival in Presidio, Texas out of boredom and left uninspired. On their way back, they saw a green light in the sky. They soon realized this was no ordinary light. It was big, bright and moved erratically in the night sky. When they focused in on it, the light flashed a few times as if it was taking a picture of the two. After hovering around the sky, the light immediately disappeared.

The strange thing about this story is not the light, but the differences on the two accounts Alice and TK gave. Alice said the light shot up from the ground while TK said the light just appeared out of nowhere. While this may seem like a small discrepancy, the story becomes harder to believe when it doesn't match up.

Alison Preston, a Psychology professor with an emphasis on memory, says that memories change over time. While their stories don't match on the little details, the fact that the gist of it lines up makes it all the more believable.

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Cover image: Altered Photo of Dugway Proving Ground entrance as it appeared in the 1950s.

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Please note that this episode contains vulgarities and includes dark subject matter.

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